Brake Pads:   Shock Absorbers:
- ITT Motion Technologies provides automotive brake pads to major manufacturers around the world. This is a full line of products including Drum-in-Hat assemblies for parking brake applications.

- Specific products are made according to the most detailed client requests with more than 130 different kinds of products across 35 different business lines.

- Our Fine Blanking Division produces and supplies backing plates to major passenger car brake pad manufacturers worldwide.

- Our R&D Center studies and provides new materials to ensure future benefits in performance, comfort, competition, and reduced environmental impact.
- ITT Motion Technologies market leadership position is built on a long history of technological advancement and performance in the automotive market. The latest KONI FSD technology provides vehicle dynamics engineers with extra tuning variables to create the optimum in handling, ride comfort, and performance.

- As a leading specialist in shock absorber technology, ITT Motion Technologies offers flexibility, problem solving capabilities, and innovative technologies.

- KONI’s brand reputation and the high level of shock absorber performance make ITT Motion Technologies a strong partner to stimulate business and provide improvements in vehicle handling, performance, and safety

- With an extensive range of products, KONI shock absorbers are available for a broad range of cars and offer a considerable improvement in handling, ride comfort, and safety.

- Serving various market segments including Performance, Sport & Tuning and Off-road, ITT Motion Technologies offers high quality products for every type of vehicle.