Trucks and Trailers

Brake Pads:   Shock Absorbers:
- ITT Motion Technologies provides brake pads for major light and heavy commercial vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

- Specific products are made according to the most detailed client requests with more than 130 different kinds of products across 35 different business lines.

- Our Fine Blanking Division produces and supplies backing plates to major brake pad manufacturers for light and heavy trucks and trailers.

- Our R&D Center studies and provides new materials to ensure future benefits in performance, comfort, competition, and environmental impact are concerned.
- ITT Motion Technologies provides a wide range of truck manufacturers with high quality axle dampers, cabin dampers, and steering dampers.

- KONI branded trailer dampers provide trailer axle and suspension manufacturers worldwide with additional options in trailer suspension design and provide solutions to existing design issues.

- High quality products and long expertise make ITT Motion Technologies a reliable partner offering innovative solutions and problem solving capabilities with high flexibility.

- KONI branded high quality shock absorbers with exceptionally long lifespan and the lowest cost per kilometre, makes ITT Motion Technologies an interesting partner to stimulate business and provide improvements in vehicle handling, cost reduction & safety.

- Combined with excellent security, stability & performance, the trailer dampers support the clients in improving their business and reducing operating costs. As all products are tailor made for the specific vehicles applications, KONI branded shock absorbers often prove their problem solving capabilities.