In order to meet world class standards in both comfort and safety, the use of special brake pads, hydraulic dampers and shock absorbers has become an essential part of every advanced rail system. To help customers reach stringent comfort and safety requirements, ITT Motion Technologies offers a full range of solutions that can be engineered to create the desired characteristics.

Shock Absorbers:

- ITT Motion Technologies R&D department is totally committed to offer the best damper solutions for each unique rail transportation system.

- For customer specific applications our team of engineers, supported by our committed suppliers, will prepare the most suitable proposals to meet your needs.

- With its state of the art tools and wealth of experience, KONI branded products fully offer the best solutions for any shock absorber problem for every rail transportation systems.

ITT Motion Technologies engineers prepare vehicle models in which the effect of various damping characteristics are simulated. Drawing from experience and project specific calculations, the modular products can be adapted to suit specific customer requirements.

- To serve the railway market in the best possible way, ITT Motion Technologies developed three KONI branded product lines, each with its own unique features and benefits.

• Performance: excellent value for your money and among the latest damper innovations for various bogie applications

• Endurance: designed for at least 25 years of operation. These extremely robust products wear at a very slow rate and can easily be adjusted and reconditioned to as new conditions; giving the dampers a multiple lifetime.

• Technology: high-tech dampers in which innovative power is displayed. These tailor made products provide our customers with the extra control needed to bring their vehicle designs to the required high levels of comfort, safety and suitability.